Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What do you do with your banner?

There was an international IT fair happening for the first time in Bhutan. I am assuming everything went well. What really caught my attention are the big banners they had put up in town and at the venue, which was the Youth Development Fund (YDF) complex.

But I was really disappointed by the way the banner at the YDF was pulled down. They just tore it down. I had assumed they would reuse it or do something useful with it. I remember doing a conference and after debating a lot of whether to have a banner or not the organizers wanted to have one so we had to get one. We firstly bargained on the price. The printers charged us Nu 5000 for a banner but after a lot of discussions back and forth and making them understand the purpose of the conference they gave us a very special prince that was Nu 1400. After the conference was done we didn't just pull it down, we wrapped it and have it in our store, hoping some day we will be able to reuse it or make some other use out of it. 

This made me think about the thousands or millions of banners that go up for different events. I wonder how they meet their fate. It is especially in the government agencies that they have a fetish for banners. Be it a small conference, training or a seminar they have to have a banner. Some times they have more than one. The disease of this is spreading to corporate, private and other agencies as well.


  1. nice post.
    oh! even i thought we Bhutanese generally think economically, but this one is made me think twice. they could actually use the back side of the banner also, to print new ads.